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Seldom in the history of man, has there come along a food this strange and unusual. It is a meal almost as mysterious as the meat within the 49-cent soft taco. It’s not quite shiskebab, it’s not quite creamed spinach, but its somewhere in between. Kou Kolash, a snack as fun to digest as it is to say. It was originally created by the ancient Indians as a form of torture, after the bed of nails approach was judged to be just a bit too comfortable; but Kou Kolash gained its fame alongside a large fries and medium drink as McDonald’s latest extra value meal. This tasty treat gained in popularity and spread across the globe to most of the countries where it could be legally made. Much of its appeal comes from its simple ingredients: half a stick of butter, two eggs, and a cup of ungooahgwappa. Some have advertised it as an “edible grab-bag,” you never know what you’ll bite into next. The high demand for this delicacy has led to a variety of commercial spin-offs. The Gerber company devised Baby Kou Kolash, with real chunks of infants in every spoonful. Kou Kolash chewable vitamins enjoyed some success but were soon taken off the market because of several annoying side effects such as loss of limbs or shrunken head. The International House of Kou Kolash grew rapidly because no one was quite sure if this glop on a stick was supposed to be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Never before has a fictional food, gained such fame or been adored by so many imaginary people or been the subject of a 2 minute, highly inspirational speech. So, the next time you happen to be on a picnic in a third world country, remember, don’t drink the water, but grab yourself a nice, refreshing stick of Kou Kolash and let the adventure begin.

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