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Practice Website #2

Well, it's time for another fascinating demonstration of the useful material which you have learned.  To avoid making things extremely complicated, I've confined everything to a single page, so the links may not be too impressive.  This one will be dedicated to the many varieties of cheese; sadly, that's the best I could come up with. 

  1. <HTML>

  2. <HEAD>

  3. <TITLE> The National Cheese Education and Resource Center </TITLE>

  4. <BODY bgcolor = "#FFCC00">

  5. <p align = "center"><font size = "5">The Wonderful World of Cheeses</font></p>

  6. <hr>

  7.  Contents:

  8. <ol>

  9. <li><a name = "history"></a><a href = "#history2">The History of Cheese</a></li>

  10. <li><a name = "types"></a><a href = "#types2">Types of Cheese</a></li>

  11. <li><a name = "links"></a><a href = "#links2">Cheese-related links</a></li>

  12. </ol>

  13.  <img src = "">

  14. <p><a name = "history2"></a><a href = "#history"><font size = "4">History</font></a>

  15. <p>Many thousand years ago, a caveman named Bob found something which resembled an orange rock, upon eating it, he found that it tasted better than most stones.

  16. <hr>

  17. <p><a name = "types2"></a><a href = "#types"><font size = "4">Types</font></a>

  18. <p>There are many types of cheese from many different sources; there is

  19. <ul><li>feta cheese</li>

  20. <li>cheddar cheese</li>

  21. <li>llama cheese</li> </ul>

  22. I believe the latter is outlawed in most civilized countries.

  23. <hr>

  24. <p><a name = "links2"></a><a href = "#links"><font size = "4">Links</font></a>

  25. <p><a href=""> Go Here for all your cheese needs!</a>

  26. </BODY>

  27. </HTML>

That's it, save your file with the .htm extension and load it in a browser.  If you created it right, the page should look something like this:

If it doesn't look like the picture above, perhaps you should invest time in a "Copying Words Directly from One Place to Another" class.  I hope this interactive web page-making experience has enhanced your knowledge of HTML, cheese, and the world in general.  If you feel you've learned all you need, continue on to Lesson 6: Tables and Forms.

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