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Quiz on Chapters III and IV

Look over Chapters 3 and 4 and then answer these few simple questions.


1.What HTML must you type in order to align text?

<left = align>                <p align = "left">

<p "left">                      <body "left">

2.Type in the code for each of the following functions:




3.The correct code to change the font color is <font color = "#FFFF00">

True            False

4.The code <font size = "1"> makes the text very large.

True            False

5.The correct code for images is

<img src="">        <img="">

<pic="">        <blue="">

6.Where do you place the code for backgrounds?

Between the body tags           Between the head tags

In the first body tag                In the first title tag           

7.What is the code for the basic horizontal bar?

8.What is the starting code snippet for each of the following?

9.What is your favorite color?

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