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Practice Website #1

Well, it's finally time to put all of your valuable new skills to the test.  Below is a fully functional, but completely useless demo website.  For lack of any better ideas, I've decided to make it a Colonel Sanders fan site.  Enjoy!

  1. <HTML>

  2. <HEAD>

  3. <TITLE> Welcome to the Colonel Sanders Online Experience </TITLE>

  4. <BODY>

  5. <p align = "center"><font size = "5">The King of Fried Chicken</font></p>

  6. <blockquote><i>&quot;Fried chicken is not something that can be enjoyed by a primitive utensil such as the spoon or fork, but this savory treat can only be truly experienced through a combination of these two.&quot;</i></blockquote>

  7. <p align = "left"><font color = "FF00FF">Sanders was a great man who brought good chicken in an expedient manner to millions across the globe.</font> </p>

  8. <img border="1" src="" align="left" width="199" height="82">

  9. <p align = "right"><b>This is most certainly not a chicken.</b></p>

  10. </BODY>

  11. </HTML>

I hope that project was as fun for you to type up as it was for me to design.  The finished product should look something like this:

Notice that the picture refers to a website, this approach loads a picture from another place online. 

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