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Quiz on Chapters I and II Results

In order to spare your self-esteem and see that you continue on to future lessons, I think it's best that we ignore the score for this particular test.  Here are the correct answers:

1.False, HTML iS NoT case SENSITIVE.

2..htm, both .htm and .html are appropriate formats for complete web pages, but picture and text files may also be posted online.

3.Did you remember the acronym?

  1. <html>

  2. <head>

  3. <Title></Title>

  4. </head>

  5. <BODY>

  6. </BODY>

  7. </html>

4.Madagascar, and no Kerplechistan is not in Africa, sorry.

5.<Body>, the <Head> holds the <Title> and the <Title> holds the Title.  If you chose <Foot>, perhaps you should consider another course.

Well, I hope you have been challenged by this little test of your knowledge, and be careful, in the quizzes to follow, you might actually have to know something.

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