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Lesson 10 : JavaScript and Dynamic HTML

It is possible that you have noticed a long string of text following your cursor around, (if you haven't, you may want to get a new web browser or consult your optometrist.)  This is just one example of what is made possible by the versatile language of JavaScript which is at the core of Dynamic HTML.  It is however, a higher-level computer language and is a bit more complicated than HTML, so I won't go into much depth here.  If you want to get an idea of what is involved in creating pages with Dynamic coding, take a quick look at the HTML for this one; you may quickly decide to stick with the more basic elements of web sites.        

JavaScript can be distinguished by the tags <script> and </script> or perhaps the comment <!-- Beginning of JavaScript -.  There are several sites on the net where you can select pre-made scripts to add to your site through simple copying and pasting.  Make sure they are public domain though; don't just randomly steal people's work.  I would like to claim that I wrote the script on this page, but I pulled the code for this annoying little diversion from the site  So, sit back, watch the streaming text and be glad that you were not the one who had to write the pages of code that are behind it.

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