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Lesson 1 : Introduction to HTML Programming

        HTML is the worldwide tool for creating and maintaining web pages on the Internet.  This coding is necessary for all pages from relatively simple ones such as or a more complicated site like  It was even used to create the page you are now viewing.  Unlike languages such as C or Fortran, HTML uses simple commands derived from everyday English.  This can be easily demonstrated through the traditional Hello World program:

This is the C++ approach to printing "Hello World!" on your computer screen:

  1. void main {

  2. #include <iostream.h>;

  3. cout << "Hello World!";

  4. // I don't remember the rest, but I assure you, its fairly complicated.

Now this is what you must type in to yield the same result on your web site:

  1. Hello World!

That's right, some functions of web pages require no coding whatsoever, but if you're going to make a useful or visually appealing site, you'll need to know some basic formats and words.  The next couple chapters will teach you how to create text, images, and even multimedia controls that you may quickly and easily publish on the web.  So, if you're ready, continue on to the coding!

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