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Appendix A: Making Your Page Public

So, you've learned everything you need to know about making web sites, and perhaps even thrown together a page that will help the world in some way.  You have the files on your computer and can impress your immediate family or dog with your amazing talent, but chances are you would like to show off your site to the rest of civilization.  To do this, you need to find a server that will carry your brilliant work.  If you're a member on AOL, simply type in keyword: my place, for two free megabytes of hosting space; otherwise, check out any of these free services:

If you actually feel it necessary to make it possible to remember your address, you might have to pay a little for the service.  Go to to find out how to register your domain name. 

To upload your files to a server, you can probably just use the HTML interface provided by the service, but if you have a more complex site, you might be interested in FTP software.